RELEASED IN JUNE 2017, IAB Global Research Shows 1 in 5 Smartphone Owners Worldwide Use Their Device Every 5 Minutes & Nearly Half of All Users Are Motivated to React to Ads after Seeing Them on Mobile. The Mobile Web Is Preferred for Functional Tasks and Utility, While Mobile Apps Are Favored for Entertainment and Social Activities.


NEW YORK, NY (June 13, 2017) — According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s  “Always On” in-depth survey of adult 18+ smartphone users compiled from 18 countries, most smartphone users worldwide can recall seeing mobile ads within the first few days the ad was originally shown (90% on mobile web and 86% on mobile apps). Moreover, nearly half say that they took action after seeing mobile advertising, with the two platforms performing similarly in generating consumer response (45% on mobile web and 47% on mobile apps). These global averages are consistent with regional and country-by-country breakout findings.

The top consumer responses and reactions reported after seeing an ad on the mobile web or mobile apps are:

  • Remembering the brand advertised
  • Interacting with the ad
  • Visiting the website of the brand advertised

Smartphone users worldwide report having seen improvements in ad load speed and creative quality on both mobile web and mobile apps over the past year. There were consistent concerns across the globe about increased quantity and intrusiveness of ads.

The study shows that consumers from around the world access the internet via mobile web and mobile apps to engage in different types of activities—with use of mobile web leaning toward functionality and utility, whereas use of mobile apps is skewing toward entertainment and social. For example, search, purchasing a product or service, or booking a service online are predominantly mobile web functions. The mobile web environment is also clearly preferred when it comes to accessing information about educational/work, travel, and current events, among other topics. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are favored for consuming entertainment content such as videos, movies, music, and gaming, and are also preferred for communications activities, including email, messaging, social networking, and making voice and video calls.

The “Always On – A Global Perspective of Consumer Mobile Experience” study was released at the IAB Mobile Symposium in June 2017.

Complete findings are available for download: Click here.