From Moat’s “Attention Economy-Canada Deep Dive” Report, presented in partnership with IAB Canada at the Business of Digital SON Conference, May 31 ’2017 in Toronto.

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Consumer time spent online in Canada is growing, along with digital ad spend. The ultimate aim of that spend is attention: the scarce resource advertisers, platforms, and publishers are seeking.

IAB Canada partnered with Moat to dive into local digital trends and uncover the latest Canadian desktop and mobile benchmarks for display and video viewability, based on both MRC and Moat’s alternative ‘agency’ definitions. Canadian Attention metrics are covered including time spent and interaction rates. Moat also shares a number of Canadian IVT benchmarks for desktop and mobile such as Spider Rate and Data Center Traffic Rate.

For the first time Moat has released new custom benchmarks based on Q1, 2017, for a group of 10 local Canadian Publishers and compared these to Moat’s Canada-wide benchmarks.

Check out how well the local Canadian publishers fare!

Click here to download IAB Canada’s excerpts from Moat’s New Custom Canadian Publisher Benchmarks for Q1, 2017