Podcasting has proven to be an engaging and powerful medium for storytelling and conversations, as well as news and entertainment. Listening continues to rise, as does the selection of content and the different ways we can listen to it. Triton Digital is introducing a half-year podcast report, providing insights into the evolving Canadian podcast landscape to accompany our monthly ranker reports at www.TritonRankers.com.

This report will cover trends in podcast listening from the content that is being listened to, when listeners are consuming to the average amount they are consuming. For participants in Triton’s Canada Podcast Ranker, this report will also unveil the debuts, top podcast networks and top five most downloaded podcasts and podcast networks for the Top Overall, Top Canadian made English, and Top Canadian made French podcasts as seen in the first half of 2023.

The report incorporates data from multiple sources, including Triton Digital’s IAB Tech Lab certified Podcast Metrics service, which measures server log data from Triton’s Omny Studio platform and a variety of other industry hosting platforms.

Triton Canada Podcast Trends Report – English

Triton Digital 2023 Tendances Des Podcasts Au Canada –  Français