Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is a growing area of interest for marketers in Canada, whether as a standalone strategy or an extension of existing media plans. To unlock its full potential and drive brand success, it’s crucial to understand the unique benefits, strategies, tactics, creative possibilities, and key considerations associated with DOOH. This resource centre is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the DOOH landscape in Canada and maximize your advertising investments.

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NEW! – Digital Out of Home (DOOH) & In-Store Retail Media Playbook

May 2024

The playbook focuses on how brands and retailers can partner to enhance the in-store experience to deliver a comprehensive, shopper-centric approach. It examines the strategic partnerships that drive a unified commerce experience within physical store environments, highlighting the importance of understanding shopper missions and behaviors. The playbook underscores the need for effective closed-loop measurement to refine in-store strategies, ensuring that every aspect of the consumer’s journey aligns with their preferences and enhances overall engagement directly at the point of sale.

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IAB Canada DOOH Industry Snapshot 2021

With special thanks to IAB Canada’s DOOH Working Group (a sub-committee of the DOOH Committee), this resource was developed to help generate awareness on the benefits and best practices that are emerging in this exciting channel.

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Introduction to Programmatic DOOH