IAB Global Privacy Project visualAs the digital advertising industry prepares for a cookieless reality and increasingly complex privacy legislation, the need for a technology-neutral method for delivering meaningful consent has become an absolute necessity. In response, local IABs, the IAB Tech Lab and their collective stakeholders have banded together to create the Global Privacy Project – a one of a kind, proven privacy framework that ensures consumers are able to make choices online that are technically executed while providing the supply chain with an accountability stream which includes a record of consent status in compliance with cross-jurisdictional laws.

This global approach to responsible, privacy-protected media transactions was first-born in Europe (in response to the GDPR) and is quickly growing to serve additional markets including Canada. Hundreds of Consent Management Platforms are now able to now leverage this framework to provide content publishers with the peace of mind that their consent activity is being managed in a globally standardized way eliminating risk for industry all while enhancing privacy protection for consumers.

IAB has developed invaluable resources and a proven successful, open-sourced global compliance framework to address the rapid emergence of privacy regulations across multiple jurisdictions specifically designed for the digital media supply chain. The body of work serves to inform the international digital advertising sector of the specific cross-jurisdictional technical requirements as well as a highly flexible framework that enables compliant interoperability of global data transfers in the context of advertising.

This Project Consists of Two Key Components:

1. The Cross Jurisdictional Privacy Project (CJPP)

The CJPP compendium provides an overview of the privacy laws of 11 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and South Korea – and their impact on digital advertising. The CJPP Legal specifications, a product of over 150 lawyers working together from across the world, maps out legal inputs necessary for a global privacy string to address the challenge of demonstrating compliance with various jurisdictions’ disparate notice and choice requirements.

IAB Global Privacy Project visual

2. The Global Privacy Platform

This global technical working group made up of international stakeholders and local IAB policy teams works to streamline the legal inputs and technical privacy standards from the CJPP into a singular schema and set of tools which can adapt to regulatory and commercial market demands across channels. This work builds on the foundations and experience coming from the CJPP initiative and regional IABs and will continually expand to cover new markets and channels. Current initiatives include adapting IAB Europe’s GDPR compliant Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) to aid in compliance in the Canadian market in accordance with the IAB Canada TCF policies and Canadian privacy law.