In early 2018 at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, IAB announced a paradigm-shifting thesis to capture, explain and understand an “enduring shift in the way the consumer economy operates”, a shift from a century old “indirect brand economy” to a “direct brand economy” characterized by data-driven, digitally native, and customer experience-obsessed upstart brands with direct connections to consumers. They are disrupting the legacy business model of marketing and driving the growth of a new consumer economy.

All digital publishers, media companies, technology and data solution providers in the ecosystem have an important role to play in building the “attention stack” that both direct and indirect brands can leverage to scale their growth and/or empower their digital transformation. Video, with the ongoing convergence between traditional TV and digital video, has become an integral and powerful part of this attention stack for all 21st century brands in the new direct brand economy.

However, the constant change and confluence of technological innovations and consumer behavior shifts also cast new questions around video – What does video mean? What will it become? How is video used to reach, engage, and drive attention and action? It is absolutely imperative to understand the complex and evolving ecosystem of video advertising to guide both buy-side and sell-side perspectives and decisioning.

For a full copy of the report please click on the link below:

IAB Video Landscape Report 2018