Seller AND User Defined Audiences Hit the Addressability Stage 

The industry is pushing forward on all Addressability fronts. While Google announced the roll out of its highly anticipated control centre for ads, publishers are beginning to implement refined contextual offerings and get into the Seller Defined Audiences (SDA) mind set. 

This week, Google started rolling out “My Ad Center” to provide users with better control over the types of ads they are exposed to across Google, YouTube and the Discover network. This new tool also allows users to block sensitive ads and learn more about the information used to personalize ad experiences. 

Leveraging deterministic first-party data, when users are signed into Google, they can access My Ad Center directly from ads on Search, YouTube and Discover, and choose to see more of the brands and topics they like and less of the ones they don’t. This important move provides some visibility into the future possibilities to help enhance meaningful addressability and to layer on relevant audience receptivity attributes across the platform.  

Meanwhile, publishers are beginning to embrace the power of their own audiences by implementing contextual frameworks that are based on broader industry standards to help drive volumes of inventory. IAB Tech Lab’s Seller Defined Audiences aims to provide a standardized taxonomy so that publishers can segment audiences in consistent ways to connect with buyside platforms. While it’s in the early stages, we are beginning to see movement on adoption and this week, IAB Canada hosted an informative Town Hall session with IAB Tech Lab to walk through SDA so that publishers could hit the ground running. 

The session can be accessed here

Stay tuned for more exciting launches that are designed to support Cookie Independence in the coming weeks – the industry has been moving at lightning speed to unlock the potential of data-informed advertising while respecting privacy and based on the rollouts we’re seeing; advertisers will have plenty of solid options. 

IAB Canada has several working groups cracking on various aspects of privacy-centric addressability. Join the discussion by reaching out to and if you want to know more about joining the IAB Tech Lab reach out to