Supporting Reliable News Sources in a Time of Conflict

IABs across the globe have signalled a renewed focus on the importance of supporting news coverage and combatting misinformation during this tragic time of conflict. As journalists continue to report on developments overseas, Canadians’ online news consumption inevitably shows sustained upward trends. Comscore is reporting a 25% increase in time spent on the news category since the already heightened levels seen in 2020. Brands are once again being forced to make difficult decisions on their media placements. 

IAB Canada, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, produced a Canadian News Media allow list that provides advertisers with peace of mind when approaching the news vertical and ensures their ability to continue to support this vital category while eliminating the risk of long tail, less reliable content that can inadvertently make its way into the buy list. 

By supporting reliable news sources, advertisers are providing citizens with free access to unbiased coverage of global affairs when they need it most. Similar to recent years where brands faced challenges in developing creative that spoke to the difficult times the world was experiencing, agencies are standing at the ready to help develop content that can be appropriately placed in areas that are experiencing high exposure. 

IAB Canada joins its international network in encouraging platforms to continue its efforts to combat misinformation and look forward to discussing planned measures within our member organizations. 

As a reminder, IAB Canada also hosts a charity library that serves as an alternative creative placement for any brands wishing to donate space.

Should there be any interest in setting up a profile to support current issues, please reach out to