November 28, 2022, Toronto, Ontario Canada: IAB Canada, the national trade association and thought leader for the Canadian interactive marketing and advertising industry, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe, today announced the launch of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) for Canada. 

TCF Canada acts as a roadmap for publishers, technology vendors, agencies, advertisers and digital marketers to ensure they are working under appropriate legal purposes for processing personal data in the Canadian market.  

“As the industry moves towards privacy-first solutions to addressing audiences online, the launch of TCF Canada represents a major milestone for ad tech. Standardized definitions and reliable frameworks based on signals, help drive solid industry codes of conduct,” said Sonia Carreno, President, IAB Canada, “global collaboration with our members and peers over the past two years has resulted in a pressure-tested, scalable framework that meets the needs of the ecosystem today with an eye towards the future-state of advertising in a privacy-first world.” 

The TCF provides technical specifications and policy documents to help players in the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem clearly and consistently communicate with end users about how their data is being used, while also providing an opportunity for users to object and manage their consent preferences. It is a framework for publishers, technology vendors, agencies and advertisers to clearly and consistently communicate with end users about how their data is being used, while also providing an opportunity for users to withdraw their consent. 

TCF Canada is another critical piece in industry’s effort to increase consumer transparency and choice, management by digital properties of consent and compliance, and industry collaboration that centres on standardization. 

“Two years ago, IAB Tech Lab committed to delivering a platform for vendors and Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) to access cross-jurisdictional compliance signals in a standardized way. We delivered on that promise with the launch of the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) last month.” said Anthony Katsur, CEO IAB Tech Lab, “IAB Canada’s TCF string presents the first of many signals that will address the patchwork of privacy obligations across international markets.”  

Register today for TCF Canada 

All vendors and CMPs can now register to participate in TCF Canada at the updated registration site here. Registration for TCF Canada includes the opportunity to register for both TCF Canada and TCF V 2.0 (for GDPR compliance) Existing participants in IABs TCF V 2.0 (for GDPR compliance) can update their details to include TCF Canada registration. 

The registration process for vendors requires adherence to the TCF Policy and Terms & Conditions. 

Publishers can use the Global Vendor List (GVL) to view the vendors who are participating in the TCF Canada, and to determine which vendors to include in the transparency and consent user interface they make available on their website.

Appropriate time will be given for the Canadian market to adopt the framework providing publisher websites and Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) with an appropriate timeframe in which to adopt TCF Canada. While also providing the vendors they work with sufficient time to develop and implement the code needed to adhere to the protocol of TCF Canada. In Q1 of 2023 the compliance program will be put into operation and CMPs will be required to undergo and pass a CMP validation to ensure they are operating under the policies of the framework. Those who do not comply will be removed from the program. 

To find out more about TCF Canada or to register please visit our website and if you have any questions please reach out to