The Future is Bright – A Snapshot of the DOOH Opportunity

Digital out of Home (DOOH) is on a major growth trajectory and the future is bright as we head into 2022. So much work has gone on in this space over the past 18 months resulting in increased volume of screens as well as advancements in measurement. With growing programmatic chops, DOOH is now firmly positioned and according to Jennifer Bidwell, Chair DOOH Committee, IAB Canada “as a premium reach channel, digital out of home provides advertisers a unique opportunity to engage with audiences. It is a key driver for brand recall, and an exceptional tool within the media mix for its easy integration with mobile social platforms.”

To highlight the efforts of this sector and the opportunities that exist for the buy side we have created an industry snapshot of the DOOH opportunity. This resource was developed with special thanks to our DOOH Working Group (a sub-committee of the DOOH Committee) to help generate awareness on the benefits and best practices that are emerging in this exciting channel as it is only the tip of the iceberg. According to IAB Canada President, Sonia Carreno, “Digital out of Home is in its infancy. We imagine the incredible potential of integrating the power of site, sound and motion with advanced AI and next-level user experiences. Ads built for whatever environment we live in, has innovation written all over it.”

You can find the full snapshot here. 

We will be continuing our discussions and will be updating the materials as more information becomes available. If you are an IAB Canada member and would like to join the conversations taking place in our DOOH Committee, please reach out to