The Industry Needs to Walk and Chew Gum

We kicked off 2018 citing that one of our greatest challenges this year and the coming few, will be to recognize the opportunities offered through Blockchain technology while maintaining the existing constructs of the supply chain.

Much like the beginning of the online advertising industry over 20 years ago, we are seeing a migration of talent, a surge in investment and the familiar start-up energy emerging from all corners of the globe. Blockchain is everywhere. It hovers over conversations about fraud and transparency and it pops up in discussions around currencies and network transactions. For those of us who work with these topics 24/7, it’s hard not to get distracted by the shiny new crypto nerdery.

IAB Canada is committed to being present for the legitimate arrival of Blockchain frameworks to the advertising landscape. Our first move will be to tap into our global network of working groups and to form our own Blockchain committee this summer. The committee will be focused on simplifying Blockchain for our industry and educating stakeholders on their respective opportunities. We will be forming a course curriculum as well as a regular webinar on the topic.

We are looking forward to work globally towards leading the way in preparing our industry for this exciting new area of growth!