The Potential for Increased Investments and Creativity is High, IAB Canada’s 2024 State of DOOH in Canada Barometer Report Reveals 

IAB Canada presents the latest findings from our 2024 State of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in Canada Barometer Report. This comprehensive report, developed through insights from a dedicated DOOH Committee with input IAB Canada’s buy-side members, highlights the growing importance and potential of DOOH in modern digital media strategies. 

DOOH Adoption on the Rise 

Building on the insights of our previous report, which highlighted the prioritization of Location and Technology (specifically Dynamic Ad Insertion), the industry has made significant strides. Enhanced technology, improved measurement techniques, and ongoing education efforts have significantly increased the adoption of DOOH. The latest report shows that more than half of respondents now include DOOH in their media mix, recognizing the benefits of advanced features such as Time-of-Day Targeting and Video capabilities. 

The report reveals that DOOH effectively bridges the gap in offline media, with 59% of respondents recognizing its role in creating a seamless omnichannel experience. DOOH stands out as a non-intrusive channel that drives online and offline engagement, effectively guiding users to websites and brick-and-mortar stores. 

Beyond Billboards 

The study reveals strong interest in increasing DOOH investment, with respondents calling for more budget allocation. While billboards remain the top choice for venues, marketers are also exploring opportunities in other venues like Urban Panels, Bus Shelters, and Movie Theaters which can be a potential for growth.  IAB’s DOOH and In-Store Retail Media Playbook highlight that in-store media placements, using DOOH venues like aisle ads, offer one of the highest impact opportunities to influence a shopper’s purchase decision. 

DOOH screens are seamlessly integrated into the environments where consumers spend their daily lives. Beyond roadside billboards, DOOH connects with audiences as they work in offices, shop in malls, dine in restaurants and bars, and use transportation. Marketers can deliver messages that resonate within the environment to create more meaningful connections throughout the day. The powerful combination of context – aligning audience, environment and message – makes these interactions especially impactful. 

Barbara Huggett, GM & SVP Ad Sales-Canada, Captivate 
IAB Canada DOOH Committee Co-Chair 

Location, Creativity and Traffic Volume 

The report emphasizes these three factors as key to successful DOOH campaigns.  Respondents agree on the creative versatility of DOOH. The medium works harmoniously with other channels, providing a vast canvas for innovative campaigns. Get inspired by case studies from the IAB Canada DOOH Resource Centre

Creativity (the “art”) is a critical element of driving engagement when it comes to powerful advertising, especially in this day and age where consumer preferences are shifting all the time. Ad tech like dynamic creative that leverages data (the “science”) such as location, or weather, to inform specific elements and triggers, is a great example of this. As we look ahead, the balance between the “art” and “science” must always remain at the forefront of all campaigns to drive meaningful customer connection and improve ROI’s.

Scott Mitchell, Managing Director, Canada at Vistar Media
IAB Canada DOOH Committee Co-Chair

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