Who’s Paying (for) Attention?

It’s Data Season at IAB Canada. As we prepare for our Report on Data event on November 30th, we will be covering off all angles of the subject by exploring topics that range from privacy and brand safety to the implications of AI and yes, even the metaverse. This week we caught up with IAB Canada member Contxtful, a Canadian start-up based in Montreal, that helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetize highly receptive mobile audiences by measuring human context behind every interaction. 

IAB Canada (IABC): How does Receptivity by Contxtful work with data? 

Contxtful: At Contxtful, our work is driven by our core values. We want to stand out, be genuine, be accountable, and be positive. Everything we do must fit these principles. The way we work with data is no exception. We wanted to be the firsts to create a metric that would be privacy by design, of high value for every player in the industry, be reliable and have a positive impact on the way we, as an industry, are perceived by the consumers. We created Receptivity. The first attention metric capable of identifying if a mobile user is paying attention to its device in real-time.

We never use private information (No PI) nor personal identifiable information (No PII). We leverage the sensor data available on all smartphones to generate a metric relevant to all players in the industry. When processing data we use lightweight edge computing to generate ultra-fast data processing in real-time. That is key to creating value for our artificial intelligence-generated metric. We create a first-party data that brings value to both the buy-side and sell-side before the bid request: Receptivity. 

IABC: What does data mean to you? 

Contxtful: In the world we live in, to decide with no data to back it up is to navigate a treacherous sea without using the compass you have in your pocket. Data is a source of value that any savvy decision-maker should leverage. However, not all data is usable or actionable. In the fast-paced RTB, it’s easy to forget there is a human behind the screen, looking at the content. We need to bring in data rapidly (that’s an understatement) to the publishers and advertisers, which is valuable and will positively change the course of the output. Data is power: It’s the missing link between what you want to do and how to do it.

IABC: What are you excited about for 2022? 

Contxtful: The fact that everyone is aware of privacy concerns and looking at solutions to continue performing. It creates a hype in the industry that we need a ubiquitous and scalable private solution to continue delivering value to all. We’re proud to have created the first attention metric answering that need and positioning Receptivity by Contxtful as a solution for all. We’re excited to see influencers in the industry trying Receptivity and falling in love with the results it generates. We see on the horizon many more users realizing the value and asking for more of this fully mobile solution.  

IABC: How should advertisers go about leveraging data to make informed decisions? 

Contxtful: Super simple: Question your sources. Challenge the methods. Observe patterns and build upon them. A smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor. We, as an industry, need to challenge the metrics we are using to elevate ourselves. So much more can be accomplished, and it’d be a shame to stay in your comfort zone. Data can be scary when it’s not something you deal with daily, but it can also be your best companion if you give it a chance.

Next week we will be touching base with another IAB Canada community member to get their perspective on the role of data in today’s complex ecosystem. In the meantime, we have a stellar lineup secured for our upcoming Report on Data event taking place on November 30thRegister here.