Why Corporate Training is Vital to an Organization’s Health & Potential

As the digital advertising marketplace grows in complexity every day, staying on top of evolving best practices, technologies and new opportunities has never been more challenging. While IAB Canada offers a wide range of courses to the industry, we have seen particularly high interest in our custom corporate training sessions over the past few months. There is good reason for this growth spurt.

Since customized corporate training programs are calibrated for specific scenarios and organizational needs, they provide a higher level of intimacy and add value to attendees with varying levels of experience. To further support these group dynamics, we have been busy developing feedback mechanisms that allow for appropriate Q&As and remedial follow-ups.

We are continuing  to invest in innovating our educational offering with the focus on driving engagement in the remote landscape and we continue to add features and elements of proven techniques to help attendees retain information even while they are juggling a busy household, a non-stop inbox and other distractions of today’s environment.

Studies continue to show the value of training for organizations. A recent IAB US Study also indicates the following tangible returns on investment:

Company Revenue Grows – Senior digital media executives’ credit professional education and development with increases in their company’s revenue by an average of 30%.

Employee Retention Increases – 66% of digital sellers who attended formal training last year intend to work at their current company for at least 2 years.

Employee Satisfaction Goes Up – Up to 93% of digital sellers who have participated in professional development programs reported being very satisfied with their job.

Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs and to get cracking on developing your organizations’ custom curriculum.