About Our Courses

IAB Canada launched our first intensive one-day course in 2006. Since then, over 6,000 people have taken our courses! We are constantly working to make sure our courses are up-to-date and relevant in today’s ever changing digital industry. We are introducing new courses regularly so check back often!

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IAB Canada is a nation wide leader in digital marketing education for these main reasons:

  • We respect your time, so most of our courses are offered in convenient one-day intensive formats. Even so, we guarantee you’ll learn more in just a single day at our courses, than you will at similar courses offered elsewhere.
  • Our instructors live and breathe their area of expertise each and every day to teach our courses, so you get instruction from experts with up-to-date, real-life experience.
  • Tactics and techniques that are taught by IAB Canada are supported by the most recent and respected industry research and metrics wherever possible.
  • Unlike others, the material we teach is updated anywhere from two to four times per year with information we glean from hundreds of off- and online resources.

Testimonials / About Our Courses

  • The course to my mind was a good investment both in time and money, regardless of the exam outcome. It’s a terrific survey of where the industry is at, the standards, trends and issues. Kudos for injecting your personal experiences and insights into the material where relevant, and the occasional humorous touches were appreciated too!
    Marc Reppin, 14 March, 2013
  • I took the Integrated Digital Marketing course yesterday in Toronto and wanted to thank you for an informative class that was very well taught.
    Chris Vassallo, 14 March, 2013
  • I just wanted to thank you for the great course on Integrated Digital Marketing.  The way you touched on every element of the digital landscape and your thorough commentary on the future of the industry gave my colleagues and me a richer perspective that we are taking back to our teams.  My favourite parts were the best practices on execution strategies, RTB and the new technologies coming our way.  Keep up the good work and see you at the next IAB course.
    James Mifsud, National Accounts, Corus Entertainment, 14 March, 2013