Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) Canada

  • Provides flexibility to support ever changing federal and provincial data collection compliance legislation
  • Provides vendors that work with a publisher with a way of processing user data by relying on the purposes permitted under the TCF Canada policy
  • Enables publishers to request consent on behalf of vendors to process user data
  • Enables vendors to receive information around user transparency and choice from publishers

The registry of vendors, known as the Global Vendor List (GVL), enables vendor participation in the TCF Canada. Before participating in the Framework, it is important to understand the TCF Canada Policy.

All vendors including Sell Side Platforms (SSPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), ad servers and data management platforms used on a publishers’ site can apply to be part of the GVL.

Vendor Registration

Registration for the Global Vendor List (GVL) is open for vendors to apply for approval to participate in the IAB Canada Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) at the GVL Portal (Vendor registration).

Vendors pay an annual fee of $2,000 CAD plus applicable taxes. Once an application is received and approved by IAB Canada, vendors will be issued with an ID and will be listed here.

The registration process for vendors requires adherence to TCF Canada Policy and to the TCF Canada Terms and Conditions and provides transparency into how companies intend to comply with requirements, centralized into one location.

Please find below the English and French versions of the policy document

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