A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a company or organization that centralizes and manages transparency for the consent and objection of the users of a website. The CMP can read and update the data collection purposes of a company that participates in the delivery of digital advertising (commonly referred to as a vendor) within a publisher’s website, app, or other digital content. Vendors declare their purposes for accessing a user’s device or browser or processing their personal data in the Global Vendor List (GVL).

The CMP specifically performs the following

  • Provides users with transparency into the vendors that a publisher has chosen to work with
  • Provides transparency into the purposes that a vendor wishes to leverage – the names and descriptions of purposes and features can be found here
  • Store a user’s consent signals, for example a third-party cookie, in the user’s browser and make consent information available to vendors in the TCF Canada TC String
  • Ensure that consent for a purpose applies only to the vendors that have declared, via the GVL, that they use data for that purpose

CMP Validator

The IAB Europe CMP Validator (Validator) was adapted by IAB Canada to test that the technical operation of a CMP is compliant with the TCF Canada Technical Specification and Policies. It will be made available to all registered CMPs in Q1 of 2023.

All CMPs who register with the TCF Canada will be ssued with a CMP ID that allows them to set a TCF Canada TC String. Once made available in Q1 2023 all registered CMPs will be required to take and pass the Validator test. The Validator will be published to the Chrome Web Store in private mode and will only available to CMPs who register with the TCF, or publishers running an IAB Canada TCF registered CMP.

Registered CMPs will be contacted once the validator is available for testing. If you have questions, please reach out to tcfcanada@iabcanada.com.

CMP Registration

CMPs must also register to participate in the Framework and do this by applying for an annual CMP membership with the TCF through completing the CMP application process at the CMP Portal (CMP Registration).

CMPs pay an annual fee of $2,000 CAD plus applicable taxes. Once registered they will receive an ID, sub-domain and will be listed here. CMPs will also be required to complete and pass the CMP Validation test managed by IAB Canada once available in Q1 2023.

Please find below the English and French versions of the Policy

More Resources

If you have any questions please reach out to tcfcanada@iabcanada.com.