Want to learn paid search marketing, but are not sure where to start? This interactive course is for you. The IAB Canada Paid Search course will teach you all you need to know about paid search marketing from account structure, keyword strategy and ad copy creation to optimizing. The course is taught by industry experts who live and breathe paid search every day. Go ahead, ask them anything!

This course will cover Paid Search exclusively, to get a full picture of SEM check out our SEO course.

Learning Outcomes

This course will focus on paid search strategy, tactics and techniques that are critical to executing a successful paid search campaign on all the major search platforms in Canada. You will learn:

    • The scope of paid search relative to search engine optimization and other digital advertising opportunities
    • How paid search fits into the overall media mix as well as within the model of self-directed / auction-based media buying
    • Acquire the skills necessary to develop a paid search strategy
    • Paid search bid strategies, keyword selection, text ad creation tips and account structure basics
    • Harnessing AI in paid search campaigns
    • Campaign optimization

Who Should Attend?

All marketers, media planners and buyers as well as small to medium business owners who want to better understand paid search marketing and how it can be used to grow their brand.

Our flexible two-day training program delivers focused learning on paid search. Day 1 provides the theoretical foundation marketers need. Day 2 offers hands-on experience with modern tools, essential for planners and buyers. Choose the training depth that best suits your role.

Dates and Locations

Day 1: Fundamentals – May 7, 2024
10:00am – 2:00pm EST
Day 2: Practical – May 8, 2024
10:00am – 2:00pm EST

If you have any questions about participating remotely or if you have a question about the course, please contact us at courses@iabcanada.com.


  • Course includes a break
  • Course end times may vary
  • All courses times are list as EST

Curriculum – Day 1: Fundamentals

1.0 Introduction

  1. 1.1: Defining Paid Search
  2. 1.2: The Canadian Search Landscape
  3. 1.3: Getting Started with Search
  4. 1.4: How Paid Search Works
  5. 1.5: Ad Rank

2.0 Keyword Search

  1. 2.1: Keyword Definition
  2. 2.2: Building a Keyword List
  3. 2.3: Keyword Research Tools
  4. 2.4: Google Keyword Planner
  5. 2.5: Keyword Match Type
  6. 2.6: Broad Match
  7. 2.7: Account Structure

3.0 Search Ad Copy Writing

  1. 3.1: Ad Copy Best Practices
  2. 3.2: 4 Principles of Behavioral Economics
    • Social Proof
    • Scarcity
    • Anchoring
    • Framing
  3. 3.3: Competitor Comparison
  4. 3.4: Google’s Editorial Guidelines
  5. 3.5: Responsive Search Ads

4.0 Search Ad Assets

  1. 4.1: Types of Ad Assets
  2. 4.2: Ad Extensions
  3. 4.3: Additional Types of Search Ads

5.0 Tracking and Analytics

  1. 5.1: The Main Challenges of Measurement
  2. 5.2: Understanding Your Customer
  3. 5.3: Attribution – Today’s Conversion Path
  4. 5.4: Attribution Models
  5. 5.5: Attribution Reporting in Google Ads
  6. 5.6: Telling the Story Behind the Data

6.0 Upcoming Trends

  1. 6.1: Machine Learning’s Role in Search
  2. 6.2: Machine Learning Best Practices
  3. 6.3: Integrating Generative AI into the Mix
  4. 6.4: Machine Learning Personalization
  5. 6.5: Generative AI Capabilities Coming to Google Ads
  6. 6.6: Performance Max
  7. 6.7: Privacy-Centric Marketing Ecosystem
  8. 6.8: Closing the Cookie Gap with Enhanced Conversions

Curriculum – Day 2: Practical

1.0 Recap and Questions

2.0 Keyword Exercise

  1. 2.1: Exercise Scenario
  2. 2.2: Keyword Research Tools

3.0 Search Ad Copy Writing Exercise

  1. 3.1: Ad Copy Exercise
  2. 3.2: AI Tools – ChatGPT and other Generative AI Tools

4.0 Tracking Exercise

  1. 4.1: Conversion Tracking Exercise
  2. 4.1: Ways to Track Conversion

5.0 Bid Strategy

  1. 5.1: Machine Learning in Bid Strategy
  2. 5.2: Manual vs. Automated Bidding
  3. 5.3: Bid Strategies
  4. 5.4: Assessing Performance
  5. 5.5: Common Smart Bidding Pitfalls

6.0 Optimization and Troubleshooting

  1. 6.1: KPI and Metrics
  2. 6.2: Ratios
  3. 6.3: Troubleshooting
  4. 6.4: Negative Keywords
  5. 6.5: How to Evaluate Keywords
  6. 6.6: Impression Share

7.0 Determining a Budget


  • I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to brought up to speed or has questions.  Wasn’t sure what to expect, however I found the day incredibly valuable, engaging and inspiring.  Excited to go to work tomorrow.  Thank you!  – Robin Brooks, Marketing, Exodus Travels
  • Highly recommended course for people – Anonymous
  • Vicki is a great presenter/instructor. Very much enjoyed the course and have a much better understanding of paid search. – Anonymous

Course Policies


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NOTE: Only 2 cancellations or registrant substitutions are allowed per company, per course. A charge of $100 will apply to each additional cancellation or registrant substitution.

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