Who We Are

Established in 1997, The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) is the national voice and thought leader of the Canadian interactive marketing and advertising industry. We are the only trade association exclusively dedicated to the development and promotion of the digital marketing and advertising sector in Canada.

As a not-for-profit association, IAB Canada represents over 250 of Canada’s most respected advertisers, ad agencies, media companies, service providers, educational institutions and government associations. Our members represent a diverse range of stakeholders in the rapidly growing Canadian digital marketing and advertising sector, and include numerous small and medium sized enterprises.

What We Do

As the only organization fully-dedicated to the development and promotion of digital/interactive advertising in Canada, IAB Canada works with its members to:

  • Conduct original, Canadian digital/interactive research;
  • Establish and promote digital/interactive advertising standards & best practices;
  • Build human capital, through educational courses, certification, our job board, and other initiatives that assist the industry in attracting, training and motivating human resources;
  • Act as an advocate for the Canadian digital/interactive advertising industry to the Canadian government; and,
  • Organize networking events that both inform the industry and enhance communication between members.

IAB Globally

The opportunities and challenges associated with online advertising are global and in most cases border-free.

Through the IAB Global Network, all IABs will help their members become digital influencers worldwide.

IABs from around the world:

  • Unite in global efforts to secure the supply chain
  • Develop new digital standards that are fluid across boundaries
  • Help build markets
  • Bring members together for common interests
  • Produce world-class events for top digital influencers

The IAB Global Network consists of 43 national IABs and one regional organization in Europe to share challenges, develop global solutions and advance the digital advertising industry worldwide. IABs are located in North America, South America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe. Each association is independently owned and operated; functioning under bylaws consistent with local market needs to further the best interests of the industry they serve. IAB Europe, based in Brussels is the only regional representative body in the network, created to advance the needs of that continent’s 28 national IABs and their hundreds of corporate members.

IAB Canada’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter

IAB Canada’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter aims to promote D&I initiatives within the digital advertising industry. This Charter demonstrates the commitment of IAB Canada and its members to foster a business and workplace that is inclusive of the global communities in which we conduct business.  

This Charter does not supersede any existing D&I policies or procedures within member organizations, but reaffirms the commitment of Members to promote D&I within their business(es).  

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