Course Description

Native ad spend globally is expected to reach $21 billion in 2018. Mobile adoption has only accelerated with audiences across Canada and it’s driving the need for ads to be native and instant. Across social platforms and publishers, native ads are taking over the feed. Are you ready for the native ad revolution?

This course will bring you up to speed on the native advertising landscape and walk through the science behind why native ads are proving to be so effective. The course will help you understand the component parts that make up native ads and share insights on how to get the most out of this emerging creative canvas. There will also be an exercise in which attendees will put their learning into action on the fly by building a native ad campaign.

What You’ll Learn

Attendees will learn about the native advertising landscape, the shifts in media consumption habits that have driven the adoption of native ads and the science behind why it’s all working. Content marketing, mobile, video and programmatic will be major themes throughout the course.


Tyler James, Director Sales & Business Development at Sharethrough

Who Should Attend?

This is an introductory course of value to all marketers, agency account directors, media planners and buyers, publishers and sales people new to native advertising.

Dates and Locations

City Language Date Venue Address
Toronto English October 20th, 2017 IAB Canada Office 2 St. Clair Ave West, Suite 602


  • Course runs from 10am – 5pm and includes a break for the provided lunch.


1.0 - Defining The Native Ad Landscape

  1. 1.1: Defining Native Advertising
  2. 1.2: Six Categories of Native Advertising
  3. 1.2.1: Paid Search
  4. 1.2.2: Recommendation Widgets
  5. 1.2.3: In-Feed
  6. 1.2.4: Promoted Listings
  7. 1.2.5: IAB “Native”
  8. 1.2.6: Custom
  9. 1.3: Guidance on Native Ad Disclosure

2.0 - How Did We Get Here? The 5th Media Revolution

  1. 2.1: The Growth of Mobile
  2. 2.2: Impact of Newsfeeds
  3. 2.3: Growth of Native Category Spend

3.0 - The Neuroscience of Native Ads

  1. 3.1: Finding #1: Native Ads Are Actually Read
  2. 3.2: Finding #2: Native Ads Influence The Brain

4.0 - The Two States Of A Native Ad: The Impression

  1. 4.1: Headlines
  2. 4.2: Thumbnails
  3. 4.3: Brand Assets

5.0 - The Two States Of A Native Ad: Consumption

  1. 5.1: Website Visit Ads
  2. 5.2: Custom Content
  3. 5.3: The Emergence of Platform Specific Content Cards

6.0 - Exercise: Build & Launch A Native Ad

  1. 6.1: Develop Creative
  2. 6.2: Launch Live Campaign

7.0 - The Native Video Landscape

  1. 7.1: Native Video Industry Potential
  2. 7.2: Traditional In-Stream Vs. Native Outstream Video Ads

8.0 - Insights Report: Native Video

  1. 8.1: Challenge Of Modern Web: Skimming
  2. 8.2: Native Video To Build Brand Awareness
  3. 8.3: Native Video To Build Brand Loyalty
  4. 8.4: Video Creative Insights

9.0 - Open RTB 2.3: Making Sense of Native Programmatic

  1. 9.1: Programmatic Native Workflow
  2. 9.2: Open RTB 2.3 Spec Explained

10.0 - Fireside Chat w/ Special Guest

  1. 10.1: Guest Speaker
  2. 10.2: Q & A

11.0 - Bonus Section

  1. 11.1: Award For Top Performing Creative From Sec 6.0 Exercise!

Educational Approach

This course is presented in-person by the instructor. In addition to the presentation there will be a hands on exercise where attendees will build & launch a live native ad campaign with real-time results shared at the end of the course. The course is broken into several modules, intermixing platform insights, research, tactical how-to’s and culminating in a fireside chat with a special guest.

Course Policies


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