Digital context was born when our online internet activity competed for the time we spent in the physical world. We started finding information about things, booking holidays, sending messages to our friends and family, and a whole range of activities from wherever laptops or desktops could be used to access the World Wide Web. And as our online activity increased, advertiser interest grew.

Then one day, the modern smartphone dropped, which took online activity to a whole new level. All of a sudden, we had these supercomputers in our pockets, and we could carry them around everywhere we went. Today, more often than not, our physical environment is more diverse than our online world. We play the same game, listen to the same music app, and read the same news while travelling, relaxing at home, taking a break from work, or waiting in line at the store. This is the discovery of Mobex.


  • Abhishek Sen, CEO and Co-Founder of NumberEight
  • Emma Raz, Director of Commercial of NumberEight