Canadian marketers are inching closers to the reality of what a cookieless future might look like, as Google plans to phase out third-party cookies in 2023. The change of course will transform a key fundamental tool used by marketers to segment and target audiences to maintain ROI.

For connected TV, a cookieless experience is already a reality. Christina Summers, Regional Sales Manager, Roku Canada is joined by a panel of senior marketers, including Matterkind, an IPG affiliate company, and Finecast to discuss the TV streaming opportunity in 2022 for advertisers/marketers; and their experience including benefits, challenges that had to be overcome, and results over the last few months integrating omni-channel campaigns into the TV streaming world.


  • Nick Drew, CEO, Fuse Insights


  • Christina Summers, Regional Sales Manager, Roku Canada
  • Schekina Israel, Director, Addressable Strategy, Matterkind/IPG
  • Wade Kuiken-Rogers, Vice President, Business Operations, Finecast