Canadian consumption of digital audio content has grown significantly over the course of the pandemic, driven by new distribution, new technologies, and an explosion of digital audio content from both Canada and around the world. 

This dramatic growth allows marketers to engage with consumers in new ways, and reach them no matter where they are or what they’re doing. 

Marketers today need to understand how to harness this changing consumer behaviour, recognize the unique needs of the digital audio audience, and learn how technology and targeting can help to achieve their marketing goals by leveraging this growing medium. This webinar will showcase proprietary Canadian data outlining how listening habits have changed for the Canadian consumer. 

Additionally, a panel featuring the top content creators and clients in the Canadian market will talk about their experiences and expectations for this growing market, from a uniquely Canadian point-of-view.


  • Jordan Heath Rawlings, Director of Original Podcasts, Rogers Sports & Media
  • Annalise Nielsen, Sr. Manager of Business Development, Pacific Content
  • Maxine Finlay Ross, Manager of Advanced Advertising and GTM, Rogers Sports & Media


  • Mike Viner, Director of Digital Audio Advertising, Rogers Sports & Media