The digital advertising industry is going through a major transformation. At the forefront of these changes is a better approach to creating value for publishers & advertisers while protecting consumer privacy: leveraging first-party data in the context of new possibilities offered by data clean rooms.Optable’s Brad Jeffrey will speak to leading Canadian publishers to discuss how they see the data clean room approach to collaboration impacting their business and improving the way they work with their advertising partners. Panel participants include:

  • Julie Kerr – Executive Director, Digital Ad Product & Revenue Management,  CBC & Radio-Canada
  • Geneviève Roy – Directrice principale, Ventes, La Presse
  • Soleil Adler – Manager, Data Optimization, The Globe & Mail

They will cover topics such as:

  • Opportunities and use-cases unlocked by data clean rooms
  • The interoperability advantage
  • The Canadian data collaboration ecosystem