Helped by the uncertainty of COVID and greater awareness efforts pushed by organizations and governments alike, Canadians are more aware of their mental wellbeing than ever before. Conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression were reported by a projected 12+ million Canadians. And with only a fraction treating mental health with cannabis, there are potentially millions more Canadians who could gain the relief they need, when they need it most.

Join us to get to know the Canadians finding peace-of-mind with cannabis for mental health. Through insights from Vivintel’s world-class cannabis consumer studies and real-time treatment session data from Strainprint’s award-winning tracking app, we’ll go in-depth on usage behaviour among Canadians – especially during COVID, perceived effectiveness, preferred forms, potential users and their opinions on cannabis use for mental health, and more.


  • Mike Fragomeni, Consumer Insights and Operations Supervisor, Vividata
  • Michelle Arbus, Vice President, Research and Insights, Strainprint