The number of desktop and mobile devices blocking ads globally is fast approaching the 1 billion mark. Today, on average, online publishers miss the opportunity to monetize a fifth of their audience due to the growing use of adblocking tools and extensions—collectively leaving billions of dollars on the table every year.

As with every complex problem, the solution lies in gaining a better understanding of different user types and their psychology.

Join Blockthrough on a conversation about adblock users and their unique motivations, needs, and preferences. Leaning on multiple years of industry and user research conducted by PageFair and Blockthrough, we’ll take a deep dive into how adblock users really think, the best (and worst) monetization strategies for publishers, and why it’s so important to put users first when developing a long-term, sustainable solution to address revenue losses from adblocking.


  • Marky Kratky-Katz Marty Kratky-Katz Co-Founder & CEO, Blockthrough