Immigration to Canada is at an all time high. We are planning to welcome over 1.3 million permanent residents to the country in the next three years. This represents the single biggest growth opportunity for brands and marketers to develop relationships with net new customers. 

Many new immigrants have already established their foundational services prior to arriving, or in their first weeks here in the country. If you’re only targeting newcomers post-arrival, you could be missing a big opportunity.  Programmatic media can help manage the complexity around reaching specific populations and cultures in various languages, and offers opportunities to connect with newcomers on a localized level in each part of their immigration journey – from pre-arrival planning to post-arrival establishment.

Join MiQ and Metrolinx as we unlock specific targeting solutions to help you connect with new Canadians.


  • Sachi Gurudanti Solutions Director, MiQ
  • Rebecca Shropshire SVP Operations, MiQ
  • Sharyn Byrne-Nearing VP Brand, Digital and Product Marketing, Metrolinx