Following on from The State of Canadian Streaming studies, Roku is excited to share results from its latest 2022 study ‘VOD Evolutions.’ This year the focus is on the changing VOD landscape today and what is on the horizon with the changes consumers are considering and the effect this has on advertising opportunities. Christina Summers, Regional Ad Sales Lead in Canada for Roku, along with one of Roku’s ad partners, will explore topline results and discuss what some of the challenges and opportunities will be for marketers and advertisers now and in the next 12 months.

This study will help attendees better understand why premium CTV advertising is integral to media plans and what success and outcomes can look like. What is help and what is hype will be revealed.  And, with free Streaming TV on the rise, there is so much more than the 30-second spots to reach consumers, join us to find out.


  • Christina Summers Christina Summers Regional Ad Sales Lead Canada, Roku