IAB Canada assembled a small task force in late 2014 to discuss the issues, and possible solutions, for dealing with non-human traffic within the digital advertising ecosystem.

The task force was comprised of Andrew Casale (Index Exchange), Matt Thornton (Google), Nancy McConnell (Bell Media) and Julie Ford (IAB Canada, now at DAAC).

The task force identified a key component to eliminating, or at the very least stifling, bot traffic is through industry education – specifically how to combat this type of fraud on a more granular level. By shining a giant light on the issue and specifically the tactics behind it, we will reduce the ability for bot suppliers to continue profiting from their actions in the shadows. Eventually the hope is this effort, and others like it, will help reduce non-human traffic across the entire ecosystem.

The document below highlights best practices that both the buy side and the sell side can use as principles.

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