IAB Canada’s Pay-For-Performance Ad Campaign Guidelines are designed to help Publishers, Ad Networks, Advertisers and Agencies maximize success when conducting direct response campaigns across the web.

Designed to be used in situations where the goal is to elicit a specific and immediate action from a user who views an online ad, pay-for-performance (PFP) ad campaigns have also increased in popularity as post-recessionary budgets have challenged marketers to deliver more immediate ROI from their online advertising budgets.

The document, which was developed by both IAB Canada’s Publisher and Agency Councils, includes:

  • Proven practices for creating impactful PFP ad creative;
  • Factors to consider when adding targeting parameters to PFP campaigns;
  • Best practices for set-up, tracking and optimization of PFP campaigns beyond the “click,” to conversion events or sales;
  • Advice for minimizing PFP delivery and reporting discrepancies; and,
  • A host of additional tips designed to maximize efficiencies within PFP ad campaigns.
Download The Pay-For-Performance Ad Guidelines (PDF)