Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) by PHD Media

Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) is a comprehensive, annually re-engineered report crossing all major media on a Total Canada and French Canada basis. The study documents consumers’ changing media content consumption across devices and screens, as digital technologies increasingly impact the lives of Canadians.

Since its inception in 2004, the CMUST study has tracked reach and time spent (number of minutes) with the Internet and its main content genres by existing and emerging devices, as more Canadians have shifted their news, entertainment, banking and other activities to the digital space.

The CMUST report gives a clear, multi-faceted picture for the marketing and publishing communities in Canada to base their strategies, investments, and products on. We thank PHD Media for allowing IAB Canada to house these invaluable reports on the IAB Canada website.

Two reports are produced annually in English: Total Canada, French Canada.

CMUST 2023 Executive Summaries


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