This page contains a series of useful guides developed by IAB Canada with the help of our Working Groups to be used as tools to help navigate the deprecation of the cookie.

Moving Towards Cookie Independence

An IAB Canada Guide to Implications and Preparedness

The very foundation of digital advertising is changing. Increased emphasis on consumer privacy, led by the EU GDPR and the recent implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) followed by announcements to an impending amended PIPEDA legislation here in Canada, has accelerated industry efforts stay ahead of consumer privacy protections while preventing enormous unintended consequences to a thriving digital media economy. The industry understands that for the past two decades we have hinged our investments and activity on a technology that would one day reach its limit – bits of text that are placed by websites on the hard drives of visitors to their respective sites allowing marketers to track browsing history and behavior of consumers to sharpen their online advertising efforts. Third party cookies have long been the basis of programmatic advertising, marketing and ad targeting. Globally, the industry has consistently innovated within this framework and has made great progress in delivering consumer protections. In recent months though, it has become clear that we are ready for a complete restructuring of the ecosystem.

Addressability in a Cookieless World: Guides

Clean Rooms Resources

Emerging Tools in The Cookieless Tool Kit

Technical Remedies: An Update on IDFA and SKAdNetworking

Presented by the IAB Tech Lab at the Business of Digital: Thought Leaders in Session – Location Based Advertising Seminar, April 28, 2021.