A New Generation

With crises like that of the credit crunch, 9-11, new presidents and mayors alike, looming environmental decay and the stress of A.I. taking over future employment, this segment has had their fair share of navigating a multitude of anxiety-provoking concerns. Yet, instead of hiding they have watched others take action on matters that matter – to them, if not used their own voice to help inflict change.

On April 18th, 2019 our Branded Content Committee invited: Hailey Anevich – Mindshare, Raven Opatovsky – Snapchat and Sean Stanleigh – Globe Content Studio, to unpack Generation Z, with our moderator: Haem Roy – Rouge Media. This is a mere summary of what they had to say

What is fundamentally different about Generation Z?

Generation Z grew up amidst social strife that created a tremendous amount of uncertainty and stress.

With information at their fingertips, they have opted to use their voice on social media platforms and watched, even participated in, rallies with people from all over the world, to demand change. And it’s working.  From asserting changes to gun laws, rallying behind different social movements, and then some, this generation is fundamentally different in the way that they think. They are on a mission to stand up for what they believe in, while taking action and demanding more certainty for their future.

What is GenZ looking for?

They are looking for safe places to belong, and crave authenticity.

They also have an insatiable hunger for news, content and information, and are political activists concerned with their economic wellbeing. So, if you (as a brand) chose to endorse a social cause, make sure that it is done in an authentic and honest way. GenZ is not one to be misled, and will do their due diligence to make sure that the cause in which is being supported is truly authentic and fundamental to the businesses core principles.

What will happen to influencers?

For this segment, the authenticity of influencers has been questioned and may no longer be as effective.

There was a unanimous understanding that there will be less focus on product placement and a transition into long form content integration; communications need to be less transactional, and be geared toward niche audiences instead of mass reach. Moreover, story-telling that embodies value (as perceived by this segment) is of utmost importance.

What platforms are GenZ Using?

It really depends, however, this generation is very interested in ‘experiences’, so platforms that allow for AR and Audio experiences are unquestionably attractive to them, with video leading the charge. Equally important is ensuring that pieces of content aren’t found copied and pasted on every single platform. Instead, think about strategic content placement. Which brings us to the next point…

Lasting Tips

Develop creative for the platform you are planning against, remembering that each platform serves a different purpose and function. By understanding the purpose and function of each, you can tell a much better story on the platform that you’re looking to integrate content within. Something that is especially important for GenZ’ers.

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