Adconion Direct In-View Product Sets Standard for Display Viewable Impressions

SANTA MONICA, CA and NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 2, 2014) – Adconion Direct, a global provider of true cross channel advertising solutions across display, video, mobile, email and social on all devices, continues to set the standard for display viewability by supporting the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) decision to lift its advisory on viewable impressions for display advertising, allowing the industry to begin transacting on the new metric for the first time.

Adconion Direct’s In-View product guarantees that advertisers only pay for display impressions that are validated viewable by comScore or a Media Rating Council accredited company chosen by the advertiser. Additionally, Adconion Direct covers its clients’ ad serving fees for any impressions that are deemed non-viewable or non-measurable.

“Adconion Direct introduced In-View in October 2012 to prepare for the time when viewable impressions would become the industry standard. Now, with the recent Media Rating Council’s advisory lift, the time for a display viewability standard has arrived,” said Michael Parkes, SVP of Sales for Adconion Direct. “This is a momentous occasion that will positively impact brands and advertisers. Adconion Direct’s In-View product has enabled us to truly pioneer selling guaranteed viewable impressions in an industry that has measured impressions the same way for nearly a decade.”

The premise of viewability is simple. It’s designed to let advertisers pay only for the ads that users can see. However, the new standards set forth by the MRC will require significant investment, strategy and support from the entire advertising community. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) along with Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) with the 3MS initiative put together a clear strategy to move away from the old method of counting impressions to a more modern version where an impression is counted when at least 50 percent of an ad is viewable on the screen, for one consecutive second or more.

“Viewablity has been a core element of our buys over the last couple years and Horizon has been at the forefront, urging partners to create more viewable options for clients,” said Sarah Haddow, Digital Media Director at Horizon Media. “We want to only pay for impressions that are within view — it is as simple as that. Adconion Direct’s In-View product is a progressive solution in the viewablity space, especially as it offers cross channel insights. It is a great example of their understanding how important viewablity is to clients.”

“Adconion Direct was one of the first advertising providers to embrace viewable impressions, providing a best-of-breed viewability product for advertisers for more than a year,” said Parkes. “We have also provided ongoing research and insight on viewability’s impact on digital advertising and campaign performance through the published case study infographic we produced in partnership with Millward Brown Digital and DoubleVerify.”

Highlights from the Adconion Direct, Millward Brown Digital, DoubleVerify study on viewability include:

  • Viewable impressions yield a two fold increase in purchase intent among category purchasers.
  • Ads in view for over 100 seconds had four times the impact of those in view for less time.
  • Those exposed to the viewable impressions more than once were 50 percent more likely to buy the brand.

“Adconion Direct is proud to lead the new era of guaranteed viewability with our In-View offering. Industry research has shown that anywhere from 31 to 65 percent of ads are never seen by the user which is to the detriment of the entire digital advertising ecosystem,” said Kim Reed Perell, CEO of Adconion Direct. “We are committed to continuing to provide unparalleled, true results for our advertisers by leading true cross channel advertising across display, video, mobile, social and email on all devices. This allows us to draw in actionable cross channel insights from each channel to drive better targeting and optimization decisions.”

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