An Update on Brand Safety

Brand Safety continues to be top of mind for advertisers as they continue to work on mitigating risk of brand exposure to inappropriate content online. IAB Canada developed a workshop to improve awareness around tools that are widely available to buyers but often not leveraged fully. The course also reviewed Brand Safety protocol development and planning between marketers and their partners.

IAB Canada’s Agency Council released a comprehensive guide to best practices for Brand Safety and Viewability for the media buyer in December 2017. The guide contains definitions and checklists that are helpful to media buyers as they continue to drive value from their digital media investments.

“Publishers are gaining serious traction on providing advertisers with the security they require to invest confidently with our online properties. While continuing to address the needs for brand safety, transparency and value, it’s important for publishers to showcase the many benefits of digital advertising. IAB Canada’s Publisher Council will be working on this in 2018” Publisher Council Chair, Brandon Kirk of Rogers Media

IAB Canada held a lively Business of Digital event this week that was dedicated to the subject of brand safety. The half-day event featured results from our recent Brand Safety Barometer Report and several subject matter experts discussing developments, best practices and research on the topic of brand safety online.

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We look forward to holding the next Brand Safety event in Vancouver next week on the 28th. If you have team members in BC, be sure to encourage attendance. The event is informative and filled with intelligent debate on the subject.