IAB and IAB Tech Lab Release Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies for CCPA

The CCPA Compliance Framework was developed by the IAB Privacy and Compliance Unit, which over four months brought together more than 350 legal, public policy, and technical experts from publishers, agencies, brands, platforms, advertising technology companies, and law firms to craft a compliance mechanism that will advance consumers’ privacy rights under the new California law, while enabling the tens of thousands of web publishers and intermediaries that comprise the open internet to continue to provide free advertising-supported content and services in the state.

The framework has been released for public commentary due by November 5th, 2019

IAB Canada will be circulating the framework and reviewing it with the Ad Tech Council and the Privacy Committees. We will also be sharing the framework with the DAAC in our continued efforts to modernize the Ad Choices program to better reflect the developments around global regulatory requirements which will inevitably impact the Canadian ecosystem.

CCPA takes effect on January 1, 2020 – similar to the GDPR, any traffic coming from California audiences must be in compliance with the Act.