IAB Canada Policy Update

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The IAB Privacy Compliance Unit has released the CCPA Compliance Framework . This was developed over four months by more than 350 legal, public policy, and technical experts from publishers, agencies, brands, platforms, advertising technology companies, and law firms who crafted a compliance mechanism that will advance consumers’ privacy rights under the new California law, while enabling the tens of thousands of web publishers and intermediaries that comprise the open internet to continue to provide free advertising-supported content and services in the state. The framework has been released for public commentary due by November 5th, 2019.

IAB Canada is circulating the framework among our members and will also be sharing with the DAAC in our continued efforts to modernize the Ad Choices program to better reflect the developments around global regulatory requirements which will inevitably impact the Canadian ecosystem. CCPA takes effect on January 1, 2020 – similar to the GDPR, any traffic coming from California audiences must be in compliance with the Act.



Meanwhile, in Canada we continue to work with ISED and the OPC as they look to reform PIPEDA. IAB Canada is currently working on a response to ISED’s discussion paper entitled “Strengthening Privacy for the Digital Age” and will continue to lobby on behalf of the digital advertising industry to ensure our voice is heard. Just last week, IAB Canada had a very productive session with the team at ISED and will continue discussion with the OPC in the coming weeks. We promise to keep you updated on any developments and will look for member input during the submission process.



With the final votes tallied and Prime Minister Trudeau back at the helm, the election period has officially come to a close. While newly amended Bill C-76 made this election more onerous for those in the digital advertising industry, IAB Canada believes that through true collaboration, our members were able to successfully navigate this new territory.

This was made possible through the provision of a comprehensive list of publishers and their plans to handle elections ads, as well as a successful IAB Canada partnership with Canadian Press to create an issues database providing subscribers with 24-hour refreshes on keywords, issues and domains that would require filtration. The program was successful in aiding strategic work arounds for advertisers and providing ad tech with the ability to integrate the domains and keywords into their  platforms. IAB Canada met with the team at Elections Canada last week to provide feedback on this first-time experience to provide guidance as to how we can improve on the process for any upcoming elections. The Policy team will continue to collaborate in Ottawa and welcome any member feedback.

Please contact policy@iabcanada.com with any questions.