IAB Global & Canada Mobile Commerce Report-2016

Released in September 2016, the IAB’s Global & Canada Mobile Commerce Report offers comprehensive insights into mobile commerce across the globe, regionally and by country – notably Canada.

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile Internet around the globe, purchasing products and services on mobile devices has become increasingly common. This research in support of the IAB Global Research Initiative aims to explore and understand the similarities and differences in consumer purchase and payment activities, that take place on mobile devices across 19 countries that participated in the study. This research will support the IAB’s continued thought leadership efforts around global mobile trends.

A 22 question survey was designed and fielded in 19 markets. In each market, 200 consumers participated who were 18 or over, conduct online activities on mobile (smartphone or tablet) and have purchased a product or service on mobile in the past 6 months. Fieldwork took place from July 22 to August 17, 2016. All respondents completed the survey on smartphone or tablet.

All respondents were asked the same questions: Items purchased, frequency of purchase, where purchased and how much was spent.

Throughout the deck, slides have been created by looking at…
1) Total global scores (all markets combined),
2) Regional scores, including North America,
3) Market level scores, including Canada (solo).

Download the report here:
Report: IAB Global & Canada Mobile Commerce Report 2016 (PDF)
Published: September 2016

Download the Infographic here:
Infographic: IAB Global & Canada Mobile Commerce 2016 (PDF)
Released: September 2016