IAB’s Digital Media Sales Certification Recognized In Canada

IAB Canada recently recognized the Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC) established by IAB in the US as not only valid but quite relevant and necessary to the Canadian market place. After extensive review of the American certification process, topics covered and undergone the examination process, we conclude it matches almost identically the Canadian digital media sales process.

The Digital Media Sales Certification is a thorough and rigorous examination that covers the breadth of knowledge and skills digital media salespeople should possess, namely:

  • Comprehending the digital advertising ecosystem,
  • Selling digital media,
  • Managing digital advertising campaigns and
  • Analyzing campaign performances.


So what should you do about it?

If you are a digital media buyer, you should ask if your sellers are certified, guaranteeing you the most proficient service professionals to deal with.

If you work in digital media sales, you need to get certified! But are you ready to undergo the certification exam? To determine whether you are or not, you should read the certification candidate’s handbook and the study guide. These will have you ask yourself if you really do know everything you should to do perform your duties as best you possibly can for your clients.

As there are some market specific differences between the US and Canada, some of which are highlighted within certification exam questions, IAB Canada is further announcing the launch of a preparatory course for Canadians intending to undergo the DMSC. We can either arrange for a webinar or in-person session with your team internally, or you can take this course individually through an online course which will be available shortly. This three-hour course recaps what the certification is about and presents an overview of the areas which differ in the US versus Canada. These include the media research landscape and its key players, advertising law, terms and conditions and guidelines. This new course is available now for custom training sessions and will shortly be available as an individual online course.

Look for more details on IAB Canada’s website under courses and custom training.

Why take this preparatory course?

Because unless you have worked in digital media sales in the United States, you are not likely to be aware of the American media research landscape, digital terms and conditions, ad standards, privacy and anti-SPAM laws that are different there than they are in Canada. These pointed questions on these topics in the certification exam.

How to register for the test to get Digital Media Sales Certified?

You may register directly with IAB (US) – complete details including pricing and prerequisites for the test are available there. IAB Canada members obtain IAB (US) member pricing. Testing is possible in many cities across Canada through PearsonVUE Test centers (see the certification registration process for details).

Contact us to set up training for your team today!