Project Rearc – the Work Begins.

IAB Tech Lab kicked off Project Rearc with a series of global task force meetings over the past two weeks. This group consists of members and non-members with a goal to engage stakeholders across the industry globally to rearchitect digital marketing to harmonize privacy and data. The critical task at hand is developing a viable alternative to third party cookies.

In our first call with over 300 participants, from 215 companies, across 23 countries, representatives from the Tech Lab explained how this truly global task force will act as a channel for collaboration amongst stakeholders – from policy, tech and business – to drive the process, share the work-load and build consensus on what the future state should look like.

Rearc meetings will occur on a bi-weekly cadence and we encourage our members to join in on the discussions and the work effort. The real work is starting now, and we want you all to be a part of it!

In addition to the global efforts, it is clear and confirmed by Tech Lab that the local IABs have a significant role to play to ensure that all of our regional policy and technical requirements are agreed upon and communicated to the global group and implemented into the end solution.

In order to aid in this process, IAB Canada has established an IAB Canada Project Rearc Committee, consisting of members and non-members, from all stakeholder groups across Canada.  Participation in this group ensures that you are kept in the loop with important developments, informational discussions (outside the Rearc webinars), ample opportunities for Q&A and access to important discussions from our community as well as guest speakers from the IAB Tech Lab.

If you would like to join our working group or have any questions regarding Project Rearc or the IAB Tech Lab please send us an email at