TAG Study shows an 83% Reduction in Invalid Traffic

TAG ended 2017 on a major high by releasing a benchmarking study that found that TAG Certified channels have a measured IVT rate of 1.48% across video and display inventory – an 83% reduction in IVT as compared to the general industry fraud rates.

In an important speech delivered by P&G’s Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer, Marc Pritchard urged the industry to focus on accelerating the path to a secured supply chain. Pritchard went on to announce that because digital spending was now higher than television, he required standardized measurement and certifications against fraud in order to continue to invest moving forward.

P&G showed they meant business when they announced to their agencies that they would only invest with media suppliers that were TAG registered.

IAB Canada has been supporting TAG since its inception in 2015. The uptake had been slow until 2017 when our members began to inquire and register with the TAG program. We are thrilled to see the traction in Canada.

Currently, IAB Canada is working with its members to consolidate feedback on the TAG enrollment process. Our goal is to make the program accessible and to improve on processes. We look forward to hearing member feedback in the coming weeks.