Technical Industry Overhaul – IAB Tech Lab’s Priorities for 2020

This week, Jill Wittkopp and Jordan Mitchell presented a comprehensive report on the state of the four robust areas of focus for the technical standards arm of the IAB global network.

  • Cracking Addressability to enable a privacy-centric, smooth transition to “ID-less/cookie-less” environments ahead of 2020
    • Standards for a re-imagined ecosystem – Rearc: Addressability/Privacy standards & compliance for contextual, demo/behavioral, authentication
    • Collaboration – Browser/OS, industry engagement, education
    • Best practices & standards for contextual, 1st-party audience data, “on-device” targeting, etc.
  • Provide technical solution(s) for privacy to support compliance with local laws
    • Sunsetting DigiTrust Consent Management Platform
    • Recent release of specification for CCPA deletion handling
    • Transparency and Consent Framework v2 – GDPR
    • Global Privacy Framework which, IAB Canada is currently heavily involved in.
  • Promote supply chain transparency for brand safety, fraud, & data decisions
    • Sellers to buyers: ads/app-ads.txt (incl. CTV), sellers.json, SupplyChain object
    • ctv-ads.txt
    • txt Aggregator enhancement
    • Buyers to sellers: buyers.json, Ad Mgmt API, other?
    • Taxonomy & OM SDK enhancements for brand safety
    • Data Transparency/Label – the “nutritional label” for data to arm buyers to make informed data decisions.
  • Improve measurement & attribution accuracy & consistency
    • Open Measurement SDK for web video
    • Initial proposals for OM SDK for CTV
    • Podcast measurement technical guidelines
    • VAST 4.2 / SIMID / OM (incl. CATS & AdCOM)

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