Ten Reasons why (Canadian) News is Looking Good Right Now

IAB Canada continues to work hard to provide urgent support for domestic news publishers in Canada. This year has been particularly challenging as brands have been faced with major decisions on communications in times of uncertainty.  Over the past few months, we have made significant progress with the Tech Lab Allowlist which, has been accessed by several major SSPs since its launch as well as the integration of #nosmedialocaux’s database which is currently being developed in-house.

South of the border, IAB US published an insightful piece of research that directly challenges unfounded rationale behind brands’ hesitation to advertise against the news. At a time when the news could not be more contentious in the US, the qualitative findings from this report bode extremely well for Canada right about…now.

The report finds that advertising within News is more than just safe for brands: it can increase ROI for their ads. This is the “News Trust Halo”, and it has a four-part dynamic:

  1. Consumers seek professionally-produced News content from sources they prefer.
  2. Consumer trust in brands’ advertising within News increases because of associations with preferred News sources.
  3. In addition to increased trust, brands that advertise within News are also more likely to see increases in consumer perception or other positive attributes.
  4. Consumers are more likely to consider making a purchase after being exposed to a brand’s advertisement within their preferred News sources.

Ten key findings supporting that the News is brand Safe:

  1. Professionally-produced News sources earn a halo of trust
  2. The News Trust Halo extends to advertisers
  3. The News Trust Halo varies by category
  4. Advertising within News increases brand trust regardless of subject matter
  5. The News Trust Halo elevates lift in positive brand attributes
  6. The News Trust Halo increases lift in actions consumers take toward brand purchase
  7. Business executives embrace brands advertising in News
  8. Executive trust in News is high
  9. The News Trust Halo for brands is even brighter for executives
  10. The News Trust Halo raises perceptions of brand attributes among executives

IAB Canada continues to push forward with initiatives that will level the playing field and drive growth opportunities for Canadian News publishers. We look forward to launching the new data base in the coming weeks and feel confident that media investors will leverage the directory to support home grown media for the years to come.