The State of Privacy

As we prepare for our June 17th State of the Nation discussion, we are delving deeply into the topic of privacy.

In recent weeks, media headlines have been drawing attention to proposed models of contact tracing and other surveillance-type frameworks designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, creating a sense of urgency around regulatory responses to consumer protections.  Our government officials are now being forced to address and develop guardrails to balance overreaching technologies while balancing the intentions to protect their populations.

Meanwhile, the advertising industry continues to operate under the existing PIPEDA framework which is a leading model of balance for the industry to respect consumer privacy without hindering innovation. The current climate will undoubtedly accelerate the expected amendments to our legislation in Canada. IAB Canada anticipates a reformed model that might resemble the EU’s GDPR with the hopes that our opt-out principle remains intact.

At this year’s State of the Nation, we will have an expert panel discussion that covers key markets including Washington, where IAB has been coordinating efforts to develop solutions to CCPA as well as Brussels where IAB Europe has been at the forefront of innovating towards compliance of the GDPR with the TCF framework. The panel will also include fellow Canadian, Adam Kardash, Partner, Privacy and Data Management at Oslers who will help bring context to the domestic integrations we will be looking at in the coming months and years.

Our spotlight on privacy will be rounded out by Matthias Matthiesen, Senior Privacy Counsel, at Quantcast who, will provide an on-the-ground perspective of implementation and ongoing compliance innovation since the launch of the TCF in 2018.

Join the State of the Nation event and submit your questions ahead of time.