Who’s Buying? Who’s Blocking?

Deep Dive into IOS and Android User Profiles 

IAB Canada kicked off the year with a stellar event hosted by the Western Council that explored how Location-Based Marketing Affects Mobile Driven Revenues and advancements within the space 

Keynote speaker, Professor Syagnik Banerjee, of the University of Michigan Flint and Affiliate Professor at the Michigan Institute of Data Sciences was first to take the stage and share his research on the divergent impact of locationbased marketing on mobile driven revenues. 

According to Banerjee’s research, Location Based Advertising (LBA) can be considered both convenient and intrusive and in some situations, perceptions of intrusiveness and privacy violation can drive lower purchase intentions, and lower advertising effectiveness. However, most studies that examine the perceived violation of privacy, are conducted through surveys, and what Banerjee wanted to find out, was how does this perception actually translate in the real world and also, to see if there were any external markers that would identify a users privacy-sentiment.  

Looking at privacy differences between IOS and Android users revealed some interesting observations. Android users tended to be men ages 18 – 34, were introvertshad a high preference for saving money, and were more privacy sensitive, while IOS users tended to be women over 35, extroverts, more willing to spend money on in-app purchases, and more addicted to their phones. Furthermore, IOS users were noted to respond to notifications within 7 minutes while it took Android users a staggering 48 minutes to respond.  

His research also went on to explore the question “How does LBA work on mobile retail revenues across diverse users and concluded that customers may select their platform brands (IOS/Android) based on their personalities and privacy orientation and that it could in fact affect m-commerce revenues. This presents an opportunity for brands to look beyond the data-driven environment when putting together their creative and strategic efforts.   

The afternoon wrapped up with a lively panel discussion with industry experts from Native Touch, Bell Media and OMD moderated by Western Media Group who addressed important questions affecting this exciting and very important sector.   

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