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22 Feb

Measuring the Unmeasurable – The Unattainable Promise of Digital Media Performance Benchmarking

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Every advertiser wishes they knew exactly how their online ad campaigns are performing relative to their competitors. The truth is that the very qualities that have accelerated growth of expenditure towards the digital marketplace are the same ones that make it difficult for marketers to benchmark their performance. Having the ability to serve creative in

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14 Dec

Announcing New Board Members

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IAB Canada is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to the Board of Directors. The Board provides leadership for carrying out the Association’s mission to provide powerful digital leadership in Canada. Eric Morris, Director of Search & Performance at Google, will continue to serve as Chair of the 2017 Board of Directors.

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15 Nov

Exclusive Member Benefits

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IAB Canada is committed to supporting healthy discussion and education on all matters concerning online media and marketing. As part of this commitment, IAB Canada is proud to partner where possible, with Canadian and global organizations to provide our members with discounts to industry events. The next upcoming partner event is The Art of Sales

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27 Oct

IAB Canada Announces Sheridan College Partnership

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A critical element of IAB Canada’s commitment to the industry is to build human capital through education, certification and networking. In Canada, IAB has proudly led the training of the digital media workforce for over a decade and, as the only association that is actively setting standards, policies and solutions to secure the supply chain

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01 Oct

IAB Releases New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a complete overhaul of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio for public comment, updating its digital ad formats to adapt across screens, and to incorporate the LEAN Principles of lightweight, encrypted, AdChoice supported, and non-invasive advertising. IAB Canada will be consolidating commentary ahead of the November 28th deadline. Developed

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26 Sep

IAB Global & Canada Mobile Commerce Report-2016


Released in September 2016, the IAB’s Global & Canada Mobile Commerce Report offers comprehensive insights into mobile commerce across the globe, regionally and by country – notably Canada. With the ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile Internet around the globe, purchasing products and services on mobile devices has become increasingly common. This research in support of

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08 Aug

Unpacking the “E” in LEAN Ads

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Light Encrypted Ad Choice Supported Non-Intrusive While global stakeholders are working hard to finalize the details behind LEAN, the industry has already embraced the tenants of the four principles designed to improve the global state of online advertising. Let’s have a closer look at “E”. Securing the integrity and privacy of information that is exchanged

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