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15 Apr

Discovering the Power of Social TV Data for Advertisers

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By Pablo Gerstenfeld, Director of Research & Analytics, Seevibes @PabloGerstenfel Most Canadians share their points of views and interests daily on various social networks – over 20 million Canadians hold active accounts on Facebook and 7 million Tweets. As Seevibes crunches big data from social television over the past 4 years, we can conclude that

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30 Mar

A Practical Approach to Viewability

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By: Ian Hewetson, VP Client Services, Eyereturn Marketing Standardized viewability was originally conceived as the first step on the path to a cross-media measurement Utopia where brand advertiser dollars would flow more freely into digital. Unfortunately, we’re still stuck on that first step. If standardization is ever going to happen, there are two central issues

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27 Mar

FITC Toronto – April 12-14


IAB Canada is pleased to be partnering with FITC Toronto this year. Year over year, FITC Toronto is the preeminent conference for those who are focused on creative in Canada. Running from April 12 to April 14, this three-day conference has the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation

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04 Mar

We Love Round Numbers for Purchases That Involve Our Feelings


Research participants were more inclined to buy champagne if its price was a round number ($40.00 versus $39.72 or $40.28) but more inclined to buy a calculator if its price (the same numbers were used) wasn’t round, say Monica Wadhwa of Insead and Kuangjie Zhang of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. These and other findings

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10 Feb

Avoid Those Dark Alleys

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By: Neil Weitzman, Managing Partner, Data2Decisions & Genevieve Guay, Managing Director,  AMNET Fraud is an issue. That is no longer up for debate. We can argue what percent of impressions are fraudulent. We can discuss if it should stop us from investing in digital advertising (the answer is no, we should not stop investing in

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20 Jan

2014 Student Social Media Survey

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In August-September 2014, IAB Canada surveyed students about their social media habits. The survey was shared with five colleges & universities distributed via their professors and instructors, with further encouragement to share it with their family and friends. The most interesting stat to come out was the admission that 40% of respondents log onto social

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19 Jan

IAB Canada’s Video Spotlight – January – #ACgiftofhome

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#Acgiftofhome True Reach: 3,637,248 views Air Canada Release date: 12/3/14 Social Interactions: 81,071 Last month we took a look at WestJet’s Christmas Miracle 2014, the airline’s sequel to its popular 2013 stunt campaign. But WestJet wasn’t the only airline making waves with video over the holidays. Air Canada scored a big hit with its own

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13 Jan

Top 2 Digital Marketing Tips from Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-Founder and COO of StackAdapt

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Here is part two of our “digital marketing tips” blog post series. Over the coming months, we’ll publish a new blog post where an IAB Canada course instructor will share key digital marketing insights. For more tips, news, and helpful information from IAB Canada, be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter. Many of us

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09 Jan

Social Media is Disrupting the Way Television is Planned and Bought

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Are you on Facebook or Twitter while watching TV? Are you sharing comments about the program you’re watching or reading other people’s commentary?  Have you ever searched for brand information while watching television? How about your friends, family and colleagues? 20 million Canadians are regular Facebook users. Seven million Canadians are regular Twitter users. Are

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