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20 Oct

IAB Canada Welcomes Three New Board Members

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IAB Canada gains three new board members, with the addition of Hope Bagozzi, Senior Director of Creative and Digital Innovation at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Brandon Grosvenor, Vice President of Sales at Microsoft Advertising & Online Canada, and Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer at The Globe and Mail. Hope Bagozzi oversees the creative development and media

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08 Oct

Non-Human Traffic & Illegitimate Bots

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IAB Canada is raising attention to the issue of non-human traffic: meaning illegitimate ‘Bots’, being counted as actual traffic. Legitimate Bots exist to perform helpful functions, are well known and are filtered out of marketing metrics, it’s the illegitimate Bots designed to inflate traffic for fraudulent purposes that concern us. At a recent meeting of

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08 Jul

Simple Actions to Fix Online Traffic Fraud

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Online traffic fraud is a hot topic that is well explained in many places. Instead of re-hashing trampled ground, let’s recognize that a couple of simple actions are the base of this problem and propose an interim standard that would change the game. Andrew Casale, who sits as an IAB Canada Board of Directors, has

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27 Jun

IAB Canada at the ARF Audience Measurement 9.0 Conference

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Leadership in Cross-platform measurement and data analytics advances characterized the ARF’s A.M. 9.0 Conference, June 8-10 ‘2014, attended by Steve Rosenblum. The New York based Advertising Research Foundation’s ninth annual 2½ day Audience Measurement conference took a decidedly fresh turn this year, a direct outcome of President and CEO, Gayle Fuguitt’s energetic first full year

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