2018 Canadian Internet Ad Revenue is projected to rise by over $945 million to $7.7 Billion

Canadian Internet Ad Revenue continued its remarkable, double-digit growth in 2017, rising sharply by $1.3 billion or +23% to $6.8 billion, 9% over forecast. Mobile revenue continues to drive a significant portion of the growth. In 2017 mobile accounted for almost three quarters of new revenue reaching $3.5 billion last year.

The 5 largest responses to this survey generated 25% annual growth in 2017 Canadian Internet Ad Revenues, compared to 3% growth by the next 15 largest survey participants. A similar pattern is evident in the five-year trending of the IAB Canada revenue reporting.

In 2018 Canadian publishers will continue innovate their product offerings by exploring the opportunities presented by AI, new ad formats and cross-platforms. The industry as a whole persists in its efforts to effectively eliminate ad fraud, provide brand-safe ad placement environments and work within the ever-increasing challenges presented by increased data privacy regulation.

IAB Canada will continue to focus its efforts in advocating the online advertising industry in Canada to ensure regulators reflect on the dire need for Canadian businesses to innovate in a data-driven economy.

Download the 2017-18 Revenue Executive Summary HERE.