2023 Report on Data for an Informed Industry

Every year, the IAB Canada community comes together to celebrate the end of the year at our Report on Data Event. Like every good annual celebration, this event has well-established and much loved traditions. Among them is the release of the annual Canadian Media Usage Study (CMUST) by PHD. This comprehensive, report documents the changing media consumption habits of Canadians across devices and screens, different age segments and digital vs traditional media channels. 

This year, Matt Devlin, Managing Director, Marketing Science at PHD, will explore generational differences, delve deeper into the current media spend distribution compared to time consumption, take a look at how retail is shifting to include digital commerce, and discuss the advances in calculating the carbon footprint of ads. 

Other traditions associated with this marquee event include a commitment towards sharing and discussing data that is uniquely Canadian. We can’t wait to hear about how marketers can connect with French Canada given the Quebec law (Bill 96) that has been updated to tighten the parameters around the use of French language.  

We’re going deep on exploring the state of quality of the digital media supply chain with a special discussion on the use of AI for good. As CTV continues to grow and we embrace the opportunities, we’ll look at what to expect in the coming months from this new stream of content and learn about how to invest wisely. 

It’s been a roller coaster year of uncertainty, the “AI” word and difficult headlines – IAB Canada is looking forward to bringing it in with our community for an afternoon of connecting the dots. Report on Data is our chance to set the industry up for clarity and success as the year draws to a close and we look forward to seeing you there! Buy your ticket here.