A Strong Q4 Finish For Canada’s 2013 Programmatic Trading Market

In its Q4-2013 Quarterly Report on the Canadian Programmatic Trading Market, Media Experts recorded the steady growth of an ebullient RTB market characterized by lower priced CPMs and increased trading volume across all verticals. Tracking of key metrics confirm that Canadian advertisers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to programmatic media buying with a greater reliance on algorithmic bidding practices and data-enriched decision-making across display, search, mobile, social and video inventory.

“2013 proved to be a pivotal year during which advertisers took greater advantage of the improved targeting and ROI that programmatic trading techniques offer” stated Karel Wegert, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Media Experts. “Over the past twelve months we have seen this channel evolve from its status as a tactical facet of online media buying to an essential component of any comprehensive media plan. In our Q4 Spotlight we focus on the shift in instances of publisher reporting on ad position, and how that compares to viewability data in the period, to provide advertisers with insights into how they can better gauge the value of viewable impressions.”

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) collaborated closely in the review of the methodology and in the analysis of the aggregated data sets compiled by Media Experts and two of their programmatic trading partners, New York-based Accordant Media and Toronto-based Casale Media.

During Q4-2013, XPETO, Media Experts’ Online Trading Desk, leveraged 422,107 sites spanning display, video, mobile and social inventory to generate over $133,000,000 in e-commerce for our customers

The complete report is available for download HERE. More information about the report can be found HERE.