Bill C-27 – IAB Canada Submits Formal Response to INDU as Bill Approaches Passing

This week IAB Canada submitted official feedback to the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology (INDU) who are currently reviewing the proposed Bill C-27 – an Act to govern both privacy and artificial intelligence. Working with our Privacy and AI policy working groups we drafted a concise and focused response outlining the key pain points for our industry.  

The response contains two sections:   

  1. our requested concerns/proposed amendments to the new federal privacy legislation CPPA and  
  1. our response to the Artificial Intelligence Data Act (AIDA).   

This formal submission will ensure that IAB Canada member concerns are considered during the hearing process, and we hope to see our proposed amendments make their way into final legislation. Primary areas of focus in privacy include broadening the legitimate interest clause, more clearly defining a “minor” and “anonymization” and considerations around timing and enforcement. The focus of the AI amendments includes broader stakeholder engagement, more detailed definitions and interoperability with global efforts and further consideration around the enforcement process. 

If you are an IAB Canada member and would like to join the conversation on regulation around privacy and/or AI please reach out to